Working Paper Submission Submissions to EUROMOD working paper series

The aim of the working paper series is to provide a comprehensive collection of research, which makes use of EUROMOD or its spin-off models (e.g. SOUTHMOD).

Editorial policy
  • We welcome academic and policy-oriented analyses.
  • We expect full-length research articles (typically 8-12 thousand words, with no upper word limit). 
  • Papers must be written in English. Works in other languages are only considered on an exceptional basis. 
  • Corrections and revisions to published papers in our series (e.g. addendums) are only considered on an exceptional basis. For regular updates on specific analyses, we recommend alternative forms of publications (e.g. annexes to Country Reports, blog).
  • The manuscripts are not peer-reviewed. The editor will only check that the content is generally suitable for the series and may additionally make suggestions regarding the clarity of the paper.
The current editor of the series is Dr Alari Paulus
Before submitting your manuscript, please ensure that
  • The first page contains the following information: title of paper, authors’ names and institutional affiliations, abstract (max 150 words), JEL classification codes, keywords (max 5), contact email of the corresponding author, the acknowledgement of financial support and micro-data used (if any).
  • The paper is written consistently in the UK or US English. 
  • Tables and figures are not split across the pages (unless longer than 1 page). 
  • Section headings are numbered.
  • The version of EUROMOD, which was used for the analysis, is clearly specified and relevant background papers cited (e.g. Sutherland and Figari, 2013).
  • All cited works have full bibliographic details provided at the end of the paper.
Manuscripts should be sent to the editor at (in Word or PDF format).