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From version v2.1.0 of the EUROMOD software - that is, the user interface and its underlying calculator - we have made new releases freely available online.

Users should note that whilst we are releasing the software via this page, access to the model (including the coded policy systems) and the data will still require completion of the EUROMOD and Input Data Request form. The software updates on this page are aimed at users who already have access to the software, model and data, and who wish to upgrade to the latest version of the software. 

What's new in v2.0.0  

v2.0.0 was a major upgrade.  

There are two main reasons for moving from v1.x to v2.0.0: first, v2.0.0 represents the biggest update we have done in recent years, with many new features and improvements; second, v2.0.0 is not fully compatible with the older v1.x releases. More specifically, whilst any v2.x can open and use models generated using v1.x without any issues, the reverse is not possible. Thus, country files that you save with v2.x will generate errors if you try to use them with v1.x.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you only use v2.x from now on for all your projects.

Here is a summary of the major new features and changes in v2.0.0 compared to v1.13.4 (the previous public release of the software):

-        EUROMOD now has “global tables” (for exchange rates, HICP, switchable policies)
-        Statistics Presenter replaces the Summary Statistics plugin, as well as the Policy Effects Tool (PET) analytics, and will contain even more statistical templates in due course 
-        new 64bit architecture that (amongst other things) allows for much larger data files. (Note that a 32bit installer will also be available under request if you have a 32bit O/S)
-        Uprating Indices are now calculated by the executable - Note! This may (slightly) change baselines due to rounding differences
-        a System Year attribute for systems is introduced (which can be used for uprating, etc.)
-        numerous other smaller fixes and improvements

Latest version

The very latest version of the software is v2.1.0. A key feature of the latest software is the inclusion of the Hypothetical Household Tool (HHoT), a development based on a collaboration between the universities of Essex and Antwerp, supported by the FP7 InGRID project. HHoT allows users to generate alternative datasets based on stylised household types which can then be used as input data by the model. There are several other improvements to the latest interface, among them extended summary statistics options which include the option to calculate budget costs for simulated policy reforms.

Download and install the software

By downloading the software, you agree to the Conditions of access.

Before downloading the software, familiarise yourself with the EUROMOD Installation Guide. Please make sure that you manually remove the old 32bit version before installing this new version!

** Download v2.1.0 **