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From version v2.1.0 of the EUROMOD software - that is, the user interface and its underlying calculator - we have made new releases freely available online.

Users should note that whilst we are releasing the software via this page, access to the model (including the coded policy systems) and the data will still require completion of the EUROMOD and Input Data Request form. The software updates on this page are aimed at users who already have access to the software, model and data, and who wish to upgrade to the latest version of the software. 

What's new in v3.0.0  

v3.0.0 was a major upgrade.  It features a new XML structure for the country files and a completely new calculator which can fully take advantage of multi-threaded processors, making it up to 10 times faster compared to v2.0.0, when running a single system, depending on your CPU. The new calculator is more precise, but also stricter, so running it on older projects can produce more errors/warnings than v2 did. We recommend that you use v3 with the model version I1.0+ or newer, where all warnings have been resolved.

Finally, v3 can produce different results from v2 in two ways. The improved accuracy and fixing of few small bugs account for small changes in the 4th decimal, but we also had to change our random number generation engine, and this can give completely different results where random numbers are used in the model (e.g. for benefit take-up). For this reason, in the current release we included both the old and the new calculator, in case you need to for example rerun some exercise for an already submitted paper, where you need identical results. Note that the old calculator will be removed eventually so we strongly recommend that you use only v3.x from now on for all your new projects.


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Before downloading the software, familiarise yourself with the EUROMOD Installation Guide


** Download v3.1.4 **