Citation and acknowledgement

When citing EUROMOD, please use:

Institute for Social and Economic Research, University of Essex, EUROMOD: Version H1.0+ [software], December 2017

Sutherland, H. and F. Figari (2013). EUROMOD: the European Union tax-benefit microsimulation model. International Journal of Microsimulation 6(1), 4–26

Acknowledgement of the model:

The results presented here are based on EUROMOD version H1.0+. EUROMOD is maintained, developed and managed by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of Essex, in collaboration with national teams from the EU member states. We are indebted to the many people who have contributed to the development of EUROMOD. The process of extending and updating EUROMOD is financially supported by the European Union Programme for Employment and Social Innovation ‘Easi’ (2014-2020). The results and their interpretation are the author’s(’) responsibility.

When citing earlier versions of the model, please replace the version number as appropriate.

When citing and acknowledging the data used, you should be guided by the individual agreements you have made with the data owners/providers (e.g., Eurostat).