Baseline results from EUROMOD: 2006-2009 policies

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EUROMOD Working Paper Series

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Silvia Avram and Holly Sutherland

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1 Feb 2012


The aim of the paper is to provide a description of the latest public release of EUROMOD (version F5.0), a microsimulation model of taxes and benefits in the EU. After giving a brief account of the process of constructing EUROMOD, we present headline indicators for income inequality and risk of poverty using EUROMOD and discuss explanations for differences between these and EU- SILC based indicators. We then compare EUROMOD indicators across countries and as policies evolve across time between 2006 and 2009. Throughout we highlight both the potential of EUROMOD as a tool for policy analysis and the caveats that should be borne in mind when using it and interpreting results.


Poverty, Microsimulation and Taxation

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