Women in Statistics: Microsimulation Workshop - Opening the black box: A short introduction to tax-benefit microsimulation and its applications using EUROMOD


Tax-benefit models are used to answer “what if” questions about the effects of tax and benefit reforms on household incomes. The workshop is an opportunity to look inside the "black box" of microsimulation models and to learn about EUROMOD, the tax-benefit microsimulation model of the EU. The model is unique in two ways: its software and country models are freely accessible and it allows for comparative research. The workshop provides an introduction to (static) tax-benefit microsimulation models and their use for single country as well as comparative research. The first part of the workshop will focus on the EUROMOD model - its user interface and features. The second part will focus on research applications using the model. Participants will also have the chance to use the model in a small hands-on exercise.


Start and finish date : 
9 Sep 2019 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm
University of Trier, Germany