Why use EUROMOD?

EUROMOD is widely used in policy-relevant research, including within academic disciplines from public economics to comparative social policy.

Key strengths of the model include:

  • The only multi-country tax-benefit model available for the EU
  • The only accessible model for many individual EU countries
  • Harmonised input data and policy simulations for all countries
  • Highly flexible policy settings
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Special-purpose tax-benefit modelling language
  • Extensive library of policies
  • Continually updated and developed

EUROMOD can be linked to, or used alongside, other types of model (behavioural, macro-economic or environmental) as a tax-benefit policy calculator or to provide a distributional perspective.

EUROMOD’s flexibility means that it can be adapted to shortcut the process of building tax-benefit models with potentially comparable outputs for any country.