Latest country report

How the Irish tax-benefit system is modelled in EUROMOD, including an overview of the system and recent changes: 2016-2018 (EUROMOD version I1.0)

Meet the national team

The Irish national team is based at NUI Galway. The current team member is Cathal ODonoghue.

Working Papers

Cross country comparative
  1. The probability of poverty for mothers after childbirth and divorce in Europe: the role of social stratification and tax-benefit policies

    Daria Popova, Jekaterina Navicke

  2. Inequality in EU crisis countries. How effective were automatic stabilisers?

    Tim Callan, Karina Doorley, Michael Savage

  3. The case for NIT+FT in Europe. An empirical optimal taxation exercise

    Nizamul Islam, Ugo Colombino

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