Latest country report

How the Estonian tax-benefit system is modelled in EUROMOD, including an overview of the system and recent changes: 2015-2018 (EUROMOD version I1.0)

Meet the national team

The Estonian national team is based at the PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies. The current team members are: Märt Masso & Magnus Piirits.

Working Papers

Cross country comparative
  1. Indexing out of poverty? Fiscal drag and benefit erosion in cross-national perspective

    Alari Paulus, Holly Sutherland, Iva Valentinova Tasseva

  2. Progressive tax reforms in flat tax countries

    Salvador Barrios, Viginta Ivaškaitė-Tamošiūnė, Anamaria Maftei, Edlira Narazani, Janos Varga

  3. Factors of the income inequality in the Baltics: income, policy, demography

    Jekaterina Navicke

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