Cypriot austerity measures hit middle and higher income families

The pre-bailout austerity measures implemented in Cyprus were both mild and directed more at middle and higher income families rather than the poor. However, the ability of the government to cut social expenditure and or raise taxes while protecting the poor is likely to be limited post-bailout, according to a new EUROMOD study published by ISER.

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How the Cypriot tax-benefit system is modelled in EUROMOD, including an overview of the system and recent changes: 2015-2018 (EUROMOD version I1.0)

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The Cypriot EUROMOD team is  based at CypERC, an independent non-profit research institute at the University of Cyprus, aiming at high quality policy oriented research in economics with emphasis on subjects concerning the Cyprus economy.   

The current team members are: Panayiota Lyssiotou & Alexandros Polycarpou

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